The Wedding Guide

Step by Step Guide on How You Can Plan your Wedding


A wedding is a beautiful ceremony where the groom and the bride swear their vows in the presence by friends and family.This makes them husband and wife. It is a time of joy and a daunting task since it is meant to be memorable, nobody wants anything to go wrong on this day. In case you are bothered on the do's and don'ts when planning this day, worry not as this article will give you guidelines about planning your big day.


First, you need to make an announcement. For majority of couples they prefer to inform their parents and close family members before anyone else. If your parents live close by it is good to tell them face to face.  Afterwards you can have a talk with your fiance and share ideas on the kind of wedding that best suits you, the venue, the number of people you would like to attend and the type of dresses and suits. It is important to have an idea of what season or month you would like to have your wedding. This will help you know how much time you will have to get things organized. Get more info at this website!


Secondly, your wedding size determines the location you eventually get to choose. Create a guest list; be aware that prices normally rise as the number of guests increase. Your fianc? and families from both sides should also create their own list. Once you identify the number you want you can cut down the unnecessary people depending on your budget. After all the above is done, now you can write down your budget. This includes what amount you would like to spend on certain items while taking note of your expenditure. You can start cutting down costs as you near your limits.   Watch to learn more about wedding planning.


Lastly, you can now find someone who can officiate your vows and a venue to hold your ceremony. It is advisable to find a place near your hometown where every invited guest can attend, at least that way it is convenient for everyone. In addition, you can read bridal magazines and check wedding websites. You can visit several wedding planners at this website and get insight on what's necessary and they will have ideas that fit your budget. The good news is you can consult friends and family members who are married and you can be sure not to have a hard time, you get to have support of people closest to you.